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Increase Leads and Sales

All businesses need to generate traffic, boost sales, get more appointments and increase referral business. To do this, business owners must offer valuable incentives to their prospective customer to take a particular action. 

The best promotion for any business is offering 3 Days & 2 Nights at a Major Hotel Casino in LAS VEGAS!

Or 3 days & 2 nights at 50 other popular resort destinations!

How does 7 Romantic Nights in Hawaii or 7 Exotic Nights in Mexico sound?

Or 8 days and 7 nights in 65 other popular resort destinations such as Vail, Co, Park City, UT, Wisconsin Dells, WI, Myrtle Beach SC, Pigeon Forge, TN, Catskills, NY or Acapulco Mexico?

Travel is the #1 incentive that moves people into ACTION! With low cost and high value, you are guaranteed to increase sales and leads with happy customers. If there was a store where business owners could go and buy as many customers as they wanted for just 1 cent  each, the store would be packed with marketing people buying customers. Well, that store doesn't exist, but we have the next best thing. Free vacation certificates. They are full color and personalized with your company name.  If you want the best value for your advertising money, and you want to get a step up on your competition, give our vacations a try.

Or, offer your customers $1000 in savings off the groceries of their choice valid at any supermarket in the US. 

For the past 20 years businesses were paying $100 or more per week to offer our vacation certificates. Now, the first 100 businesses to take advantage of this electronic incentive offer will be able to offer their customers an unlimited amount of all of our incentive certificates for just $100 per year.       Click here to see our offers.